Kohlbacher Shark 3000

Technical parameters

Waist width 30-360 mm
Slice thickness 0,6-5 mm
Tooth spacing 12-60 mm
Tooth height 4-25 mm
Tooth face angle 0°-38°
Feed rate 0-20 teeth / min
Grinding wheel diameter 280-350 mm
Grinding wheel thickness 8-15 mm
Engine power 4 kW
Cooling performance 160 l / min

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Normal delivery time
7 working days

TOP model profile grinder with wet grinding

Wet grinding ensures that the blade does not heat up when sharpening. This fact prolongs its life and increases its usability.

A sophisticated machine with a sophisticated system that can cope with the most demanding requirements for sharpening bandsaw blades.

Technical details:

  • CNC control Bosch-Rexroth Indra;
  • Servomotor with absolute decoder – no need to reset the machine after power failure;
  • Tooth profile and grinding wheel shape are programmed by a portable computer;
  • Automatic diamond grinding wheel alignment;
  • Touch screen control panel
  • Memory for 999 tooth profiles;
  • Electric saw blade height adjustment;
  • Frequency converter for adjustable grinding wheel speed;
  • Cooling system with 160l/min;
  • Program for variable tooth spacing.


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