Service and consultancy

We prefer a personal attitude in our dealings, so our business always starts with you, our client. Distance is not an obstacle for us, we will come to the other side of the world in order to meet up with you. The consultants are always on site at the sawmill to familiarise himself with the operation and provide expert advice on the acquisition of suitable tools, taking into account the individual possibilities and needs of the customer.

We will do our utmost to satisfy our customers so that they experience the joy of cutting with a minimum of fuss thanks to our individual and comprehensive attitude. Thanks to the experience gained from many years of experience, we will help you to streamline production and select exactly the right bandsaw blades and circular saws to ensure maximum machine performance.

We can advise on the purchase, operation and adjustment of the saw and are happy to offer regular service by a trained technician throughout the lifetime of our products. We carry out full tool servicing on professional machines, and will also arrange servicing operations on all machines that work with our tools.

Customers will never hear the word “can’t” from us!

Ondřej Turecký

Repair and maintenance of band saw blades

  • Rolling and straightening,
  • Band saw blade repair,
  • Sharpening,
  • Stellite recovery / restoration,
  • Stamping,
  • Tooth distribution.

Other activities that we also carry out include the resistance welding. We can weld belts up to 210 mm wide.

Repair and maintenance of Ripper bandsaw blades

  • Sharpening,
  • Tooth distribution,
  • Welding of bandsaw blades, welding of repairs,
  • Straightening and rolling.

For the distribution of the teeth we use a sharpshooter specially developed by our company’s development department. It is a computer-controlled automatic machine that ensures precise tooth distribution with an accuracy of hundredths of a millimetre.

Tomáš Dudr

Repair and maintenance of circular saw blades

  • Blade cleaning,
  • Cemented carbide inserts replacement,
  • Sharpening,
  • Straightening.