Kohlbacher Shark 800

Technical parameters

Bandsaw blade width 30-360 mm
Belt thickness 0,6-5,0 mm
Tooth spacing 12-60 mm
Tooth height 4-25 mm
Tooth face angle 0°-38°
Feed rate 0-20 teeth / min
Grinding wheel diameter 280-350 mm
Grinding wheel thickness 8-15 mm
Engine power 3,0 kW
Cooling performance 160 l / min

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Normal delivery time
7 working days

The professional CNC profile sharpening machine for wet grinding

Wet grinding ensures high-quality removal of high temperatures from the sharpening point. The ground area does not overheat, which eliminates the formation of hardened areas in the tooth profile. This method of sharpening prolongs the life of the tooth blade, prevents the bandsaw blades from cracking and helps to make a much more accurate and faster cut.

A sophisticated sharpening machine with a sophisticated system that can cope with the most demanding requirements for sharpening bandsaw blades.

Technické detaily:

  • CNC control Bosch-Rexroth Indra;
  • Servomotor with absolute decoder – no need to reset the machine after power failure;
  • The tooth profile and grinding wheel shape are programmed by a portable computer;
  • Automatic diamond grinding wheel alignment;
  • Touch screen control panel
  • Memory for 999 tooth profiles;
  • Electric saw blade height adjustment;
  • Frequency converter for adjustable grinding wheel speed;
  • Cooling system with 160l/min;
  • Program for variable tooth spacing.

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