Double-sided bandsaw blades

Technical parameters

Cutting kerf 2,2-4,2 mm
Bandsaw blade width 80-320 mm
Processing Primary
Tooth finishing Stellited
Service and sharpening Yes
Material Uddeholm, 80NiCr11, EHS

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Normal delivery time
7 working days

Double-sided bandsaw blades increase production efficiency in manufacturing


Suitable for cutting large-diameter-sawn logs on vertical and horizontal industrial saw machines. The production of quality and reliable double-sided bandsaw blades is very demanding in terms of precision. Based on our many years of experience in the woodworking industry, we dare to take on this difficult task and this puts us ahead of the competition in the market.


We offer the production of these blades in two types of materials – ideally high-quality Swedish Uddeholm steel or economically less demanding materials such as 80NiCr11, EHS. All materials we use have very good wear resistance and allow higher cutting forces.


We manufacture them to order for various types of bandsaw blade machines, e.g. Lignotech, Hejtmánek, Lisý, Serra, Wimmer, Mebor, Wravor, Resch, Primultini, Bongioanni, EWD, etc. We always adapt the specific dimensions of the double-sided bandsaw blade to the characteristics of the bandsaw machine and the customer’s needs.


We provide full-scale servicing of double-sided bandsaw blades. For example, levelling and tensioning, which compensates for the unevenness of the belt body and gives it sufficient tension to ensure its stability in the cut which straightens any irregularities of the bandsaw blade and provides the bandsaw blade with sufficient tension, ensuring the blade ´ s cutting stability. We also provide a repair service for bandsaw bodies, sharpening and we can renew the stellite.


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