Ripper bandsaw blade

Technical parameters

Slice thickness 1,8-2,8 mm
Waist width 32-38 (51) mm
Processing Primary
Adjustment of teeth Locker
Service and grinding Yes
Material RipperS, Bimetal (Ripper37B M42)

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Normal delivery time
7 working days

Ripper bandsaw blades are suitable for smaller mobile sawmill machines for cutting smaller logs


They are suitable for everyday use and their use reduces energy consumption and significantly increases yield, i.e. minimum waste, maximum cutting performance, perfect balance of strength and flexibility, more accurate, cleaner and straighter cut and last but not least a better quality appearance of the cut surface of wood, both softwood and hardwood and very hardwood.


These bandsaws are suitable for Wood-Mizer, Pilous, Švoma – Stroje s.r.o.,Baker, Forestor, Timberking, Logmaster, Noorwood, Hudson, Cook, and so on., most portable sawmills and many multi-head sawmilling machines.


You can choose from two types of material – RipperS and Bimetal (Ripper37B M42). We source our bandsaw blades from the world’s leading manufacturer of saw blades, Dakin-Flathers, an English company with worldwide representation. Our company is the exclusive representative for the Czech and Slovak markets.


Quality primary timber processing sawmill blade. Made of one type of steel, with hardened teeths. It has a high portion of carbon in steel. Each tooth is precisely cured with induction technology. With our lifetime warranty welds, they have the perfect balance between strength and elasticity of the bandsaw. Every tooth has a perfect profile, ensuring high accuracy, cutting speed, less waste and clean cut. These bandsaws are already sharpened by Dakin-Flathers. They can be used immediately after receiving and cut with them. Subsequently, we can offer you service in the form of re-sharpening on professional grinders.

Bimetal (Ripper37B M42)

New member in the Dakin-Flathers product line. The narrow bandsaw Bimetal (Ripper37B M42) has a cut profile, the body and teeth are made of different materials.
The teeths are made of cobalt steel. As with RipperS, we will be happy to provide you with the following service.


  • special metallurgical properties for longer life;
  • manufacturing technology designed by Dakin-Flathers;
  • use of leading materials;
  • blade life up to 42% longer than competitive products on the market;
  • significantly faster cut;
  • patented design;
  • minimal noise and vibration;
  • excellent heat and wear resistance;
  • reduced cutting costs;
  • increase your profits;
  • reduced cutting waste;
  • precision in tooth distribution;
  • technical support;
  • cleaner and smoother cut;
  • more successful in material fatigue tests, hardness analysis and strip divorce than competing products.


We are able to offer a professional service for your cutting convenience. Our representatives can help troubleshoot cutting quality issues and belt breakage. We can provide you with grinding – tooth distribution – sharpening – bandsaw blade cleaning.


We provide precise and accurate grinding of bandsaw blades with a Shark 600 grinder from the German manufacturer Kohlbacher. The machines are specially adapted based on our experience for servicing narrow bandsaw blades.

Tooth distribution

We provide a specially developed machine, which works on the principle of machine processing of the camera image, where we can guarantee precise tooth distribution with an accuracy of hundredths of a millimetre.

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